Combine the Power of People & Things

Orchestra connects!

Orchestra is the perfect solution for ...

Combine the Power of People and Things


Humanization and collaboration – thinking beyond the silos! Successful companies need collaboration between people and departments. Yet stakeholders, processes, systems and technologies are disconnected. Orchestra bridges the gap and brings collaboration onto the next level.

Processes and Systems

Whether in production, laboratories, hospitals, banks or warehouses: Orchestra combines all processes along the entire value chain across systems and company boundaries. It doesn’t matter whether you use well-known ERP, PLM, CRM, PLC, database solutions or proprietary solutions: Orchestra integrates existing systems and harmonizes your IT landscape sustainably.


Orchestra connects devices,  sensors and entire production plants. Perfectly integrated into every business process, an Internet of Things is born within your operating environment. Add a new level of value to your products and integrate the physical world into your systems.

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Public & Government




Utilities & Logistics


Finance & Banking

Orchestra connects your internal and external IT systems and services to achieve ...

Just in Time Information

Information available at the right time for the right user – along the entire value chain –  across system and company boundaries – delivered by Orchestra

Agile Digital Transformation

Proprietary, monolithic legacy systems transformed into agile, scalable and adaptable IT landscapes – use Orchestra for intelligent loose coupling

Strategic Competitive Advantage

New business models –  faster time-to-market – successful digital transformation – empowered by Orchestra

Orchestra, trusted by ...

Combine the Power of People & Things
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