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Who are we?

soffico develops individual, future-proof and innovative software solutions. The middleware Orchestra makes soffico a leader within the fields of healthcare and manufacturing. Orchestra offers the perfect solution using: IHE platform, Internet of Things, cloud integration and Industry 4.0. Therefore soffico enables an efficient and secure interoperability between and within various IT systems.

After a long-standing partnership soffico GmbH is now part of the Austria-based x-tention Informationstechnologie GmbH. Founded in 2001 x-tention now supports more than 500 customers in Austria, Germany and Switzerland from nine locations. x-tention is renown for its specialized services and their ever-growing expertise in the healthcare and social services industry. Apart from soffico GmbH the Integic AG in Switzerland and x-tention Informationstechnologie GmbH in Germany are also part of the x-tention group.

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Our corporate culture - the basis for our success


Valuing the individual

soffico staff comes from various countries and continents. For us, it is thereby an implicitness that all colleagues are treated equally, free of discrimination to origin, religion, sexual orientation, age and gender. All colleagues are granted equal opportunity. We see the diversity of our colleagues as a special strength. We profit from a pool of talents and expertise and can integrate diverse perspectives into our daily business.

Striving for superior results – in everything we do

Our objective is to be the best. All of our colleagues encounter the expectation. We are ready to bring maximum capacity and together create more value for  our customers.

Innovation – Dare to try something new but cherish the well-proven

Everyone speaks about innovation – but we are living it. We dare to look  beyond the horizons to set new standards because we know the market but  we are still curious. For us, innovation means to make processes, products  and services constant and more attractive, hence making our customers more successful. However, we do not lose sight of established methods and we create a value added synergy between new and old.

Openness, honesty, transparence and reliability

We are open minded, engaging, honest and predictable; transparent and  reliable. We maintain long-term positive business relationships and uphold the given trust.

Responsibility toward the community

For us, the awareness of our social responsibility is a fundamental value. This  means to achieve a long-term, sustainable and positive contribution to  economical success of the company. Hence sustainable actions are the foundation of our ecological and social responsibility.

Meet the Team

The Management Board


Harald Wenger


Prof. Dr. Bernd Hafenrichter

Managing Director

Thomas Müller

Managing Director

Team Leads


Florian Heymel




Andreas Knoll




Sonja Greye



Careers - Join us!

The people at soffico are so different like the tasks which they work with. There are the idealists – whose dreams are catapulting us to technical progress. The analysts – who ensure that we combine our energy to create more value to our customers.  The catalyzers – who drive us to anchor innovations. We are frontrunners, innovators and catalyzers. Our curiosity drives us and our integrity distinguishes us.

We are a company who appreciates individuality and supports autonomy. A working environment in which team work is rewarded and the extraordinary talented people pursue a common goal: to create efficient solutions for our customers.

Current Job Openings

We are always looking for amazing talent. If this is you, send an email with your CV, cover letter and contact details to karriere@soffico.de and we will get back to you for a confidential discussion.

Combine the Power of People & Things
soffico GmbH Registrierung Masterclass Digitalisierung 2016 - Düsseldorf
soffico GmbH Registrierung Masterclass Digitalisierung 2016 - Stuttgart