Industrie 4.0/Smart Manufacturing: Case studies

“The Fourth Industrial Revolution is still in its nascent state. But with the swift pace of change and disruption to business and society, the time to join in is now.”

– Gary Coleman, Deloitte Consulting

Smart manufacturing marries information, technology and human ingenuity to bring about a rapid revolution in the development and application of  manufacturing intelligence to every aspect of business. It will fundamentally change how products are invented, manufactured, shipped and sold.

Orchestra and Industrie 4.0/Smart Manufacturing case studies

Orchestra connects all systems along every step of the product lifecycle starting from design to prototyping, from testing to supplies, from production to sales and shipping, to usage and recycling – company-wide and across company and physical boundaries.

Combine the Power of People & Things
soffico GmbH Registrierung Masterclass Digitalisierung 2016 - Düsseldorf
soffico GmbH Registrierung Masterclass Digitalisierung 2016 - Stuttgart