Orchestra IHE Platform: Case studies

“Enable seamless and secure access to health information whenever and wherever needed.”

– IHE International, Initiative by healthcare professionals and industry

There are numerous standards for health information exchanges, written to support a wide range of clinical processes and include many optional features. To obtain interoperability with regard to a specific clinical task IHE creates profiles of relevant standards that make essential features for supporting the clinical task mandatory for those products for which conformance with a profile is claimed. IHE profiles specify the information that must be exchanged between systems and the actions that recipient systems must take on receipt of the information.

Orchestra and Healthcare

Orchestra is the first choice solution for hundreds of major hospital chains, university hospitals and county hospitals. Connecting hospital information systems, laboratories, radiology departments and external healthcare providers Orchestra connects the entire value chain along the healthcare industry. The Orchestra IHE Platform ensures interoperability, whatever system is used.

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